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The Montessori approach makes concepts taught in all schools more real, relevant, tangible, and offers a different angle. If there’s something your child just isn’t getting, or is struggling with and not enjoying at school, try something different, try me as an alternative.

The colours, shapes and focus on doing something to represent abstract processes that Montessori uses helps many children remember things more easily and understand what they are doing, not just go through the motions.  Hands on, sensory rich, experiential learning for children preschool to upper primary.

I can meet your child’s unique needs and interests as a one on one Montessori tutor while accelerating their skills and helping them to find what they like about a skill or subject that’s been a challenge.

Access some of the fantastic Montessori learning materials and concepts at home. 

 My Montessori tutor service is available for children 3-12 (1-2 year olds by individual consideration) in hour blocks at your home.  Base rate $75 an hour, two hour minimums and evening fees apply for suburbs inward of Oakleigh and Bayside area. No extra cost for evening time slots in Berwick, Narre Warren, Narre Warren North,  Narre Warren South or Narre Warren East, Harkaway, Hampton Park, Hallam, Beaconsfield, and Endeavour Hills.

Two hours too much? Schedule it in with a nearby friend. 

Contact me to set a time or find out more.

Comfortable home learning spaces and individual attention are often all that is needed to reignite the passion for a learning area, get past a hurdle, or reach full potential.

Montessori learning through experience with thoughtful guidance.

Montessori mathematics learning from pre number to algebra and everything in between.

Rich sensory experiences form the core of Montessori early literacy.

Shape, colour and pattern still play an important role the multi sensory approach to complex grammar and mathematics in the Montessori method.

In the Montessori method, we build, create, explore and experience concepts all the way through primary school, not just in the early years.