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Home Independence

 In a Montessori home children can be independent in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, they just need the right guidance and tools. Resulting in leaving the home, going to bed, eating, and dressing peacefully. 

There are many lovely resources on the web and in books on setting up a home for your child’s independence, but it’s all very general by age. I can help you refine the tasks and tools to suit the space you have, the skills of your child, accommodate siblings and the level of upkeep you would like. I can save you hours of internet searches and months of trial and error. We can get it right, straight away.

In a few two-hour sessions we can make over an area of your home and ensure you feel confident in teaching your children how to use the redefined space to further their independence and your home’s harmony.

Play and Montessori.

independent clothing access,

and kitchens

Age appropriate Montessori bedrooms,

Montessori bathrooms

for ages 0-12.


A child sized kitchen bench with a washing up station and towel hooks on the side.


Open the drawers below, and there are more items to offer responsibility and independence.


A kitchen cupboard complete with tools for baking, cutting fruit and vegetables, and making sandwiches.


A 3 and 5 year old make their own dinners.




Independence doesn’t have to have its own drawer or shelf, just a little corner.


I made (and ate) my own gnocchi all by myself!


I’m making my own hummus for lunch.


Toddler self service snack and table, he even peeled it himself.