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About Me

I am passionate about quality in Montessori education and believe strongly that the Montessori philosophy creates kind, positive, resourceful children who self direct and become successful, well-balanced adults. It is my belief this effect can be created in a number of settings and contexts and I am committed to realising this effect for as many children as possible. Hence, I am offering Montessori materials, and myself as Montessori learning consultant, tutor and mentor. This action can change the society we live in for the better.

 For over a decade I have worked in Montessori classrooms as assistant, co- teacher, directress and teacher. I am AMI trained as a Montessori teacher for three to six year old children and have also spent time assisting teachers in 6-9 and 9-12 year old classrooms. In 2011 I lead the learning for children in a six to nine year old Montessori room for two six week blocks, as well as leading the classroom each Thursday and co-leading each Friday to afford the classroom teacher study days. In 2014’s school year I worked each Wednesday in a 9-12  Montessori class delivering writing lessons to larger groups and handwriting and spelling assistance/ recovery to individuals and smaller groups.

I feel very much at home tutoring or assisting parents to guide children up to 12 years old . This new direction for me came up by parent request, and I’ve joyfully accepted it.