Home Montessori Education Mentorship, Montessori Materials and Tutoring


Tutoring within the Montessori method for children in their preschool years. Warm one on one attention, learning through sensory activities and games with clear purpose.

Tutoring within the Montessori method for the early and middle primary years in all subject areas. Tutoring with a focus on concentration, persistence, effort, positive attitude and choice is also available across subject areas. These “learning attributes” are always built in to my tutoring, but may be a special area of need for some children.

Guidance on creating a Montessori learning space in your home for your child in primary school or preschool. One on one support, tailored for your needs and your children’s interests. Go for a whole Montessori classroom, or just one corner or shelf.

Learning starts at birth, so should the creation of your perfect home learning environment. Home learning mentorship available from before birth to upper primary school. Available by Skype too!

Set your children up for independence and responsibility at home and set them up for success in life. Take the guess work out of what your child can be expected to do. Let me use my expertise in child development and observation of your individual child. Start at birth, continue into the teenage years.